I Got a Rock

Q just had his fifth birthday (Mah baybee! Sob!).  For weeks ahead of time, he kept asking what he was going to get for his birthday.  Finally, just to give him an answer, I told him he was getting sticks and twigs.  His father joined in with me and added rocks to the list.  Yup, he was getting sticks and twigs and rocks for his birthday. 

A little while later, when it actually was time to open presents, T thought it would be funny if we wrapped up a rock for him to open.  So he grabbed a rock from the yard and I put it in a little gift bag with the rest of his presents.

It is a lot of fun to give gifts to Q.  He gets really excited and makes gratifying exclamations about how cool each gift is.  As it happened, he chose the bag with the rock in it first.  I figured he would laugh a little and move on to the next present.  When he opened it, he looked up at T and said, "Thank you, Daddy!  What a pretty rock!  See how pretty and shiny it is?  I love it!" 

I love that kid.