The Fun Continues

Turns out, not only is Z dyslexic, she is severely dyslexic.  And severely dysgraphic.  With highly probable ADHD.  And just to keep things interesting?  Irlen Syndrome.  Turns out we are learning disability overachievers.  Yay!

Once I had compiled all of my information, I scheduled a meeting with the school.  The whole gang was there: principal, counselor, teacher, head of special ed. for the school district.  At first, I was getting a your-daughter-is-doing-fine-why-are-you-bothering-me? vibe.  After a little conversation, it became clear that I was the most dyslexia-educated person in the room.  I filled them in on what I knew and they warmed up to my agenda.

When the lady from downtown arrived, the mood turned cool again.  She looked Z's test results and said that the first set by itself wasn't enough to prove dyslexia.  And that taking the CTOP, a dyslexia diagnostic test, twice in such short succession called the results into question.  Luckily, I knew she had been exposed to the test - or one like it - in kindergarten.  And that was why the second tester gave her the Part B of the test (that she hadn't seen before) and got very clear results.  When she saw how well informed I was, she seemed to change directions and decided that she would accept Z's diagnosis as dyslexic.


Next came the debate about what to do about it.  One of the diagnosticians mentioned that I would need to choose one remediation program and stick with it, so as not to confuse Z with differing terminology.  So when the lady from downtown, mentioned it, too, I felt like she had done her homework.  In the end, we decided to do outside tutoring to help with the dyslexia problems and accommodations in the classroom to support her until she is ready to go without them.

We decided that a 504 plan with a formal diagnosis of dyslexia would be the best way to insure that she gets the support she need for the rest of her public school career.  All in all, I am feeling quite pleased with the results.  I think everyone is happy and best of all, Z will get the help she needs to be successful.


  1. I hope all goes well for Z! The whole school side of parenting can be so HARD!!! I long for the days when Anthony threw baby powder in every room of my house, the days of glitter bombs, and mass hysteria. That was easy. School? Not so much! I am interested in what you learned / are doing for the dysgraphia. I am pretty sure Anthony is majorly dysgraphic... I have been researching and am awaiting on feedback from the school as we speak... If you have any info you would like to share, I am ALL ears!

  2. oh and we have the ADHD thrown in for good measure too!

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