Make Up Your Mind!

It has been made clear to me over the nine years of my marriage that I am a mediocre housekeeper.  I admit it!  Scrubbing toilets and dusting tchotchkes just isn't my jam.  But even I have my limits.  This evening, the clutter started closing in on me.  I started I the kitchen - ground zero for family clutter in my house.  Once I got going on the kitchen, I started buzzing into the living room and laundry rooms.    The kids were in bed and T was channel surfing.

After I walked in front of the tube for about the fifth time, he looked at me and asked, very concerned, "Are you okay?"

Me, puzzled, "Um, yes?  I'm just cleaning."  I know it isn't a daily occurrence, but seriously!  It isn't that rare!

"We'll, you just seem a little grumpy."

Yes, T, cleaning up everyone's clutter makes me crabby.  Do you want neat or do you want chipper?  Because you can't have both.