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I am not a competitive mom. One of the (many) reasons I love Z's school is that everyone is so laid back. They would never even raise an eyebrow if you brought store-bought cookies for the class Thanksgiving feast... Perhaps this is why I always go over the top with the homemade baked goods. Everyone is extra appreciative because they know that you didn't have to do it.

I am totally bummed that you can't tell how cute my turkey couple is in person. I started with yellow cake mix and store-bought chocolate frosting. The hen on the left was (obviously) the easier of the two. I just squeezed the frosting out of a zip top bag, making a large blob for a head, then poked in the candy corn and candy eyes.

The tom, while still totally doable, took a little more work. First I frosted and sprinkled the cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles. Then I decorated a Nutter Butter for the head with white frosting, candy dots for the irises, a candy corn beak and a Twizzlers* wattle. I used assorted colors of Twizzlers for the tail and chocolate Twizzlers cut on an angle for the wings.

Next year, I think I will just do a miniature version of the hen. How much sugar does a four-year-old really need, anyway? I know that they will just be licking off all of the icing!

Last year, I made turkeys out of rice krispie treats and chocolate chip cookies. The tail and beak were made of candy corn. Chocolate frosting glued the whole thing together.

Clearly I was very pleased with myself.

Of course, I should expect the post-party-teachers to hate me, seeing as how I got the kids all hopped up on chocolate covered sugar bombs, then left them to deal with it. I'm awesome like that.

*I think Twizzlers are vile, but kids seem to love them!


  1. It's only payback for the many years of people doing it to you in your pre-baby teaching life! At least that's how I like to see it ;)

  2. Do you know why I sign up to be room mother? It is so I can deligate the party food to other moms and not have to make any myself! (Yep. I put a lot of work in to being this lazy!)


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