The Big Day

No matter how you sliced it, the election this year was an historical event. If one team won, there would be a black man in the White House. If the other team won, there would be a woman in the nation's second highest office. Pretty cool.

I was one of those fabled undecided voters. I could see the pros and cons of both candidates. It finally came down to one issue for me, and I voted for that guy. I feel good about my vote, but even if my horse doesn't win the race, I am not worried for the future of our country.

My oldest sister, Sister L, and I have different political views. Several elections ago, we found ourselves on opposite sides of the voting booth. It so happened that year that my candidate was victorious. Sister L said something then that has stuck with me ever since. "No matter who wins the election, they will do a pretty good job. If they have come this far in politics, they would do a pretty good job as president." How reasonable! How democratic! She's brilliant!

I wish more people could see that path. Our founding fathers were geniuses. They imparted our government with so many checks and balances that no matter what your political leanings, our country will head in the right direction. No one man (or woman) can completely change the way we do business here in America, though for good or bad, the president gets the credit/blame for how things turn out.

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Election day was my last day in CA. Sister K and I had a fun sisterly day. We had brunch, then shopped a little. (Woe is me! My favorite California shopping venue is going out of business. Mervyn's, you will be missed!) We went to see a very silly but completely enjoyable movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua. We gave it two thumbs up. It was just a sweet movie: no foul language, no potty humor, a good lesson. OMG, I just morphed into my parents!

Next, we had our make-up done. I hadn't changed my look in so long that Clinique no longer makes my colors! The make-up artist did a nice job, but M felt the need to comment on 'my new make-up' several times over dinner. It was a little, ahem, dramatic. Once I applied it myself, I really liked the way it looked. New to me: eye shadow base. Totally cool. Mine has a little neutral shimmer and keeps my eyelids from inhaling my shadow. I also caved and got some tinted sun screen. I don't wear base, but I know that I should be protecting my skin. This was a good compromise. We'll see how long I keep it up!

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