Golden Eggbeater

In the words of Dodi, "I am a stay at home mom - not to be confused with "housewife" which would imply that I have any interest at all in housekeeping... which I don't." If they gave an Oscar-like award for housewifery - the Golden Eggbeater, maybe? - my mom-in-law would have a whole shelf full. I, however, would not even be allowed to watch the award show on TV. This said, I have of late been in a veritable cleaning frenzy. Or at least as frenzied as I get when company isn't eminent.

I have spent a fair amount of time on piddly detail stuff like organizing closets and the laundry room. But I have managed to haul out the totally cool vacuum Sister K gave me for Christmas last year and do battle with the dog fur more than once this week. Unprecedented! I have also made a herculean effort to keep the garbage dump kitchen counters clear of clutter. It is amazing how one little stray catalog attracts junk like an electromagnet. And that cooking thing? Totally messes up my kitchen. Ugh!

Anyway, lots of sweat has been invested lately. T walked into the living room this evening and said, "This is nice. The living room looks really clean for a change." Oh! Stabbed right in my homemaking heart! He realized as the words were leaving his mouth that they had sounded a lot better in his head. You know, less OMG-the-house-is-usually-a-total-sty-ish.

He backpedalled like crazy, but not to worry. I took his 'compliment' in the spirit it was given. Who knows? Maybe there is a Golden Eggbeater in my future.


  1. Too funny! My gosh - I feel the same way. And those darn catalogs...no wonder we have piles! We should boycott catalogs!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! You know, I UNDERSTAND the concept of housework - just not how it applies to me!

    I realized how bad it was when my kids were tiny and once every couple of weeks my husband would come home to a very tidy house and he'd say, "Oh, is playgroup here tomorrow?"



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