Do you remember that ketchup commercial from the 70's where the Karen Carpenter-ish singer sang, "An-tiss-a-pay-shun, it keeps me way-ay-tin. I hay-ate to wait!"? That song so totally sums up life in our house right now.

T had an interview for a new position last Wednesday. Usually, the people selected for the positions are posted by the end of the day on the last day of interviews, which was Friday. Nothing. He compulsively checked his e-mail all day Saturday, but by today was too disgusted to even look.

Promotions are all numbers based: the score on the written test + the score on the board interview = the top x candidates are selected to promote. There is no reason we can think of to delay the results. It is crazy making. I really feel for T. My life won't change much either way, I'll just be doing my mom thang in another location. It would be a totally different world for him. I hope they put us out of our misery soon!

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