So I did not die from my sinus-induced misery yesterday. But it was a close one. I woke up today without the exploding head, but with the addition of a raw throat and missing voice. Ever notice how hard it is to get your kids to stop hitting their sibling/climbing the Christmas tree/rolling in the clean laundry/unraveling the ribbon spools when you have no voice? Good times. Of course it doesn't help that Z is wired for sound and every third word out of her mouth is, "Is it Christmas today?" I was still feeling pretty crappy this morning, so it is hard to know if her behaviour was really so bad, or if my tolerance levels were just extra low. If it was the latter, sorry Z!

Despite all of the afore mentioned buzzing around on the parts of both of my children, I did manage to get some things accomplished. My Christmas cards are officially in the mail. Winkflash is the devil and I will never use their services again, but the cards are in the mail. For those of you just tuning in, I started trying to order my cards on December first. They sent me this hideous (not what I designed) card. They were very nice about the money-back-guarantee. All you had to do was return the cards, no questions asked. So then I re-ordered, making absolutely sure that the card was right. For whatever reason, their equipment wouldn't print my card. So I uploaded the card for a third time and placed another order. Optimistic of me, huh? Those cards arrived yesterday. AND THEY WERE WRONG AGAIN. They cut off the bottom of my image. I couldn't believe it. At this point I had no choice but to send them out (I had already stamped the envelopes), but I am appalled by the quality/appearance of my cards. I wrote them a scathing e-mail about how disappointed I was, but they have not replied. Bah, humbug!

On a happier note, after mainlining some ibuprofen I felt human enough to attend T's office Christmas party. It was held at this little hole in the wall restaurant we love. The food was fab and I talked myself hoarse(r). It is so much fun to get to socialize with the other wives. The guys' schedules are such that it makes it really hard to get together outside of work. We had the best time.

I even felt good enough when I got home to complete a batch of peppermint bark cookies, a recipe of my own devising. They look so pretty and taste good, too!

At this rate, maybe I will be well for Christmas. Here's hoping!

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