1000 Words Worth a Picture?

The story you are about to read is real. No pictures were included to protect the innocent (that's you).

Picture, if you will, a pony-tailed, bespectacled, almost middle-aged roly-poly gal dressed in her underwear, a t-shirt that didn't quite reach the top of her drawers, bobby socks, running shoes, and pink rubber gloves with mod polka dot trim. Now, if that didn't make you shove a pencil into your brain, picture that gal down on all fours with her dimpled tush in the air scrubbing the shower Cinderella style.

Yep. That was me this afternoon. I was going to give the shower a quick scrub*, when I realized that the cleaner would likely bleach out the navy sweatsuit I was wearing. So I took off the sweatsuit. I was left with what I described above. When I caught sight of myself in the full length mirror, I had to laugh at myself. Now you can, too! Enjoy!

*Quick scrub my cleanser-fume watering eye! I had to soak the dang thing in soap scum remover THREE times before the shower floor was reasonably clean. My arms and hands are sore from scrubbing. Hey, I got a clean shower and a bonus upper body work out!

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  1. Did I miss something? Where's the picture? LOL Although your description was quite good enough to put an image in my brain. LOL

    You have no idea how many times I have gotten bleach spots on clothing while scrubbing the tub or kitchen floor. I completely understand.


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