Today was one of those days that the 365 Days of Grace in Small Things project is all about. Nothing big happened, but it was a good day. The kids had a cease fire. They both took long naps. It was rainy and gray outside, but I got to snuggle in my super comfy bed and read an AWESOME book (My Friend Amy's Book Challenge review to follow soon!).

Z came into my room about half way through nap time and asked if she could sleep in my bed with me. I was skeptical, but I said that as long as there was no talking and no wiggling she could stay with me. She promptly fell sound asleep. Z looks like an angel when she is sleeping. Griffin climbed up with us (a miracle in itself, as he has been wary of Z for her whole life) and rolled over on his back. Too. Cute. For. Words.

I looked up from my book and was overcome with a sense of well being. I have a good life. I do not love every minute of it, but it is mostly awesome.

Life is good.


  1. Life is good. I can relate. My days are typically uneventful to most people anyway but they are usually good days.

  2. Love em when they are sleeping :)...Sounds like one of those wonderfully ordinary days.

  3. Did you ever see the Sex in the City movie? The girls are talking about Miranda not being happy in her marriage, and Charlotte says something like, "I'm happy every day. Not all day every day, but I am happy every day."

    I feel like that. I think something like your few precious moments of peace and happiness the other day are what makes things good.

  4. Wish I could find a few minutes! I can't remember the last time I read a book. Maybe someday--hmmm, I can dream, right?


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