Bring On the Mother of the Year Award

Z's first dance class? MONUMENTAL PARENTAL FAIL.

After a week of being asked each morning, "Is it dancing day today?" I managed to blow Z's first dance class. I would like to blame it on the crappy directions (I should know better than to trust Yahoo Maps!), but no, it was all me.

I had planned on leaving at 5:15, but last minute piddling saw us off at more like 5:20. I decided to go ahead and follow the directions to the studio given to me by Yahoo Maps even though they seemed a little squirrelly. Turns out they sent me down a road that had been blocked off with the new loop around town, so I was forced to backtrack halfway home to get on the right track again. Arg!

Then, when I was in spitting distance of the studio, I realized that my directions did not include a street address! Ack! One panicked phone call to the hubs later, I had a street number. I walk up to the very NOT dance-studio-looking door and ring the bell. We are greeted by a chorus of barking dogs and a strong odor of cigarette smoke. Great!

Turns out, this is the home of the teacher's mother. The (not doggy or smokey) studio was two doors down. I hustled us in, about 15 minutes late. Or so I thought. I am scrambling Z out of her coat and sweats and into her skirt and ballet shoes while the other little girls are running and leaping across the floor.

I finally get her dressed and the teacher asks if Z wants to take a turn. She runs and leaps and looks totally cute, then returns to her spot on the floor. One more little girl does her thing, then, much to Z and my mutual dismay, the teacher gets out the stickers.

Class was over.

Stellar parent that I am, I got the time of the class wrong. It started at 5:00, not 5:30 . After building dance class up all week, I got my baby there just in time for the last exercise of the day. Just. kill. me. now.

She was so confused when the other girls started leaving. I felt like such a loser. I must have apologized to her 20 times. By the time we got to the car she was in tears. I SO totally have this mother business down.

In an all out bribe, we took her out for pizza and ice cream. By the time she went to bed, I think she figured that she got an okay deal. Next week, we will be waiting outside the studio door at 4:50.

But even in that brief time, there was MUCH cuteness.

While we were there, I paid for her recital costumes. Holy cats, they skin you on the outfits! But, OMG! They are SO cute. I wanted to attach a picture, but the site won't let you copy them! Darn copyright laws! They have a red sequined body suit with black and white polka dot trim. She'll wear a fringe skirt for the tap dance and a red tutu with polka dot trim for the ballet part. Nom! Must. eat. mah. baby! She is going to be beyond cute.

When she found out that I knew how to do the basic ballet moves, Z was super excited about practicing at home. Looks like I have some ballet in my future!


  1. dance shoes should depend on the type of dance that you will perform. Always wear your dance shoes on rehearsals, wearing dance shoes for the first time will be uncomfortable, wear them to break them in.

  2. Give yourself a much deserved break. As moms we juggle so much--don't worry about it. We have all been there or will end up going there one way or another. It's just a small blip on the radar of your little ballerina. She is going to have a great time next week :) Just don't miss that super cute recital!

  3. I love that your tag for the post was "suckage". Believe me, I've been there! AND TAG! visit my blog for the low down.

  4. Your little one is so cute. I can't wait to see more picture of her big day. Have fun.


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