A Button is Born

I finally got around to making a Critical Mass button. If you are interested in a button exchange, grab the code from my left sidebar. I've been trolling for buttons all day. I added buttons from the blogs I follow in the left sidebar. I'm such a dork. While I did manage a shower today, I almost missed my opportunity because I was noodling around on the computer during the precious time both of the kids were sleeping. Maybe that is the problem I should focus on fixing this year!


  1. It's cool. I really need to learn more blog secrets and how to make stuff myself. I am pretty generic on my sidebar stuff.

  2. awesome button!! that is something i want to do very soon!!!

  3. That is SO funny. Somedays I don't even get a shower til bedtime. I'm such a slacker! I love your blog!

  4. Very cute button! Can I ask a question, where do you make those? I have been trying to find one all day!


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