In a departure from the last two full-of-suck posts, today I am going to write about something cheerful! Chicklette! Two months later, I finally get to hold BFF Chica's little girl. (The first time I visited her, I was outranked by a grandmother.) She is gorgeous! And tiny! It is amazing how quickly you forget how small babies are when they are new. I still think of Q as my baby and he'll be two next month! Chicklette is so small that she fits in the crook of my arm. All of her! It made my uterus ache she was so precious.

Chica and her husband, Tall, seem to be above average in the coping-with-a-new-baby department. Chicklette is an "easy" baby and is already sleeping for up to seven(!) hours at a stretch. Also, Tall is like one drop away from being a woman where babies are concerned. They really do split the work down the middle. Wow. I wonder what that is like! On my last visit, he was holding Chicklette when I got there, passed her to me, made dinner for all of us, then fed Chicklette and put her to bed. OMG, I think that one sentence contained more domesticity than T has managed in the entire five years of our marriage!

Anyway, the visit was lovely. Chica is SO happy - if a little tired! I'm surprised I didn't sniff all of the (red!) hair right off of her head. Gotta love that new baby smell! And the teeny tiny butt! LOVE! And the perfect little baby Flintstone feet! Nom, nom, nom! Must. Eat. That. Baby.


  1. My boys are 14 and amost 9 and they are still my babies. But I do have a huge draw to other peoples tiny babies. I can't get enough of them! The pull to hold and play with them is so strong and luckily I have enough friends and family members who are filling my baby supply right now to keep me busy. Your friends baby sure is a cutie!

  2. That is one cute little baby. It actually makes me miss having one. And then I come to my senses and say "Self?? WTH??? You are done pottytraining your youngest. Don't EVEN think about babies!!!" and the moment is gone. Still a very adorable baby, though :)


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