Did I Say a Button Was Born? I Meant a Business.

After almost no consideration, I have decided to open a little side business. (Emphasis on little!) After I created a button for Jamie over at Kids... Me and RAW III, she convinced me that there might actually be people out there willing to pay me for my button making talents. Since Mama could always use a new pair of shoes, I decided to give it a go.

So if you would like a new blog button, head over to The Button Box. I work cheap! Only $7.50 for a custom blog button designed to your specifications. Quick and easy payment with PayPal! Quick turn around! (Do I sound like an infomercial, or is it just me?)

If I see you at the Button Box, I'm sure it will be a pleasure doing business with you!


  1. just wanted to say i love your missing a button logo and slogan. very cute. good luck!!

  2. Very clever! Best of luck, although you shouldn't need it as your talent speaks volumes!

  3. I love your three columns now! So cute! And I will for sure keep you in mind if I ever need a button!

  4. Good luck with your new business! Sounds like a great idea!


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