Good Thing She's Cute (originally posted 12.5.08)

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the carpet's so delightful.
Since I know that you love me so,
On the rug, on the rug I will go.

Now that winter has officially begun here in Small Town, the indoor peeing season is upon us. Izzy, the smallest/fattest dog in our herd, is what we like to euphemistically call unreliably house-trained. Her little Pomeranian self is very low to the ground and she really prefers not to have anything brushing her underbelly. God forbid she should get cold or wet!

I guess she is smarter than we are, because every summer we think, "Wow, she's doing really well. I haven't seen a puddle in the house in weeks!" We pat ourselves (and Izzy) on the back and hand out lots of treats as she trots out to the short, dry grass to do her thing. Then, at the first cold snap, Izzy says, "Um, I think I'll just stay in here and pee on the nice wool rug, thanks."

We are SO trashing that rug when we move.

You would think, what with us being at the top of the food chain and all, that we would be able to outsmart (or at least out wait) one tiny little fur ball. You would be wrong. She is wily. At all of eight inches tall, she disappears behind a bush, the retaining wall or a particularly lush (read: unmowed) clump of grass. We go out with her and hang around until all the other dogs have done their thing - or until our lips turn blue and our feet freeze to the deck - and (stupidly) assume that Izzy has, too.

We'd just leave her out there and come back into the house, but out here in the country there is the very real possibility that something could EAT her. (I know for a fact that we have a pair of large owls in the woods behind our house and coyotes are regular visitors to our area. I'd way rather bust out the Nature's Miracle that spring for (another) dog casket. (We lost Izzy's sister when I was seven months pregnant with Z. Horrible. But that's a post for another day.)

So I am resigned to cleaning up puddles until it gets good and warm again. At least she confines herself to one rug in one room. Blah. It is a good thing Izzy is so cute. Otherwise she would make a fine slipper.


  1. I don't think I'd enjoy a long winter of having to do that!

  2. I can relate in this as I am house training our little 9 week old beagels who seem to do a great job of going outside unless they are playing with each other and then they seem to forget!!

  3. So, we're having the same problem since the first snow. A lazy cat of ours has taken to peeing on either the little mat between the kitchen and living room or the throw pillows. I'm over her at the moment.

    Good luck with your incredible peeing pup. :)

  4. awe she is very cute! I'm also house training a puppy, it's a pain but worth it.


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