Greetings from Green Acres (originally posted 9.15.08)

Can't sleep. Cows too loud. Seriously.

Oh, and there is frog p*rn going on in my swimming pool. I've gotten into the habit of flipping on the pool light when I take the dogs out for the last time just to see what late night partying might be going on in the pit of despair. On stage tonight: two frog couples swimming in a synchronized water ballet of procreation, both with a tiny little guy frog on top, desperately clinging to a giant frog gal's back. So I guess ship size... ocean motion... well, you know. It is kind of like watching a live nature documentary. Only with more money shots.


  1. I tagged ya! When you have time hop on over!

  2. Funny post.....Frog porn is hilarious. Personally, I have never seen frogs do that but I have seen Cows do it.


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