Oh, Yeah. Thankful.

Whoops! In all of the excitement of the holidays - ironically, the time of the year to be most thankful - I dropped the 365-Days-of-Grace-in-Small-Things ball. But I'm back! And more thankful than ever!

Today I am thankful for:

1. T letting me go back to sleep for an hour this morning, then letting me sleep for three hours instead. I lurve him.
2. Z's preschool being open today so I could send her to school and not have to sell her on eBay (she is having a most unfortunate phase right now).
3. That Griffin, my male Pomeranian, has seen the light and is no longer trying to eat the children. In fact, today he growled at one of the other dogs who was trying to horn in on his pats from Z.
4. The nebulizer that helps my baby boy breathe better. He has a chest cold that just won't let go and might be trying to morph into something more menacing.
5. Flavored, diet, instant tea. (I know, SO trailer park! But I love it.) Particularly a peach and lemon combo.

And a bonus number 6! That someone saw my button and paid me a HUGE compliment.


  1. Great list...with 4 kids at least one of mine is always in an unfortunate phase (cracking me up here)!!

    I love your button but i can't get my blog to accept it, i keep getting one of those goofy error messages, but i will figure it out.

  2. All very good reasons to be thankful!

  3. Hi! I just joined the comment club at MBC!! I really like your blog, you cracked me up with today's post!! (I know what you mean, my 3 boys have almost ended up on ebay too :) I'd love to exchange buttons with you!!

  4. I posted your button, it is snazzy!!!

  5. I just found you....and stole your button for my page. I also love the 365 days of grace, so I stole that too. Please dont hate me :D

    Do you make buttons for just anyone? I would love to have one....but I have no clue how :(

  6. Ok, refresh my memory...is the nebulizer the one where you crack the pill open inside and inhale it? Or is it the mask that goes on the face and then you use the aerosol-like spray thing into it? Or neither, lol? (My son used those from babyhood and finally outgrew it a couple of years ago.)

    I'm stealing your button too! So glad we're bloggy buddies now!


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