PhotoShop Geek Out

My dad gave me my first copy of PhotoShop shortly after Z was born so that I could pump a continuous stream of baby pictures onto our family website. I don't remember which version it was, but I soon worked around the clunky interface and the non-user-friendly-ness. I figured out how to do the things I needed to do, and the other 95% of the graphic capabilities were completely wasted on me.

Then I got my new computer and installed PhotoShop version 5.0 - which isn't even the latest version! - and was blown away by ALL THE NEW STUFF. The Help on this version is much more helpful, but there is still a TON of stuff I don't know how to use.

Today, I was rummaging around the internet looking for some cool graphics for a button I am working on, and I stumbled across the COOLEST BLOG EVER. Okay, maybe it is only cool if you are a total technogeek, like me. But I thought it was awesome. The site is called Easy Elements. It a blog totally dedicated to PhotoShop tutorials, demonstrations, and FREE PhotoShop tools. Love, love, love!

I spent 20 minutes noodling around with the Brushes tutorial while I was defrosting the meat for dinner. I learned more in those 20 minutes than I have in the entire four years I have been using this program! And there was FREE stuff!

I am over the moon about having found this blog. I am such. a. geek.


  1. Wow. Gotta check that out.

  2. I love your buttons. I can't wait until I get one. You Rock!!


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