Today I am thankful for:

1. That we are able to complete all house-related paper work electronically and I didn't have to make the 16-hour round trip to sign a few (billion) papers.
2. That mom-in-law came over yesterday so I could take the dogs to the vet without the children. Two squirmy kids, two panicked dogs and one frazzled parent? Nightmare!
3. That T woke up and realized, "Holy sheep! We're moving! Soon! I'd better get packing!" and didn't leave all of his junk stuff for me to deal with.
4. That T also realized that driving back and forth to the new house one pick-up load of stuff at a time is a beating for all concerned (see: two squirmy kids, three panicked dogs and two frazzled parents), and decided to get a U-Haul for the stuff he will need until the kids and I join him.
5. Popsicles.


  1. Hi!
    Just stopping by to say "HELLO!".
    Have a great day and TGIF!

  2. I am also thankful for popsicles. Hope the move goes fast and you get everything done soon.

  3. Yey for U-Hauls!!! Have you sold your house yet? Tommorow we are having showings 30 & 31 (unless we get some today too) and still have had NO offers!!!

    That's great that you could sign your papers online! I heard somewhere that you can get the title company to actually come to your house to sign the papers! Seems much more convenient than going into an office with all the kids!

    Yes, how do you add that code??? I'd love to hear all bloggy tips for adding cool stuff!!! Share away!


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