Today I am thankful for:

1. That the (long-term) mess in the dining room has been cleared up.
2. That it has been warm enough the last couple of days to get the kids good and tired outside.
3. That I didn't kill Z during her almost constant temper tantrums while accomplishing #2 this afternoon.
4. That I can see the surface of my desk - maybe for the first time ever.
5. That the golf balls in my throat this morning seem to have been transient.


  1. The only time I accomplish #4 is when we pack to move...

  2. We were able to do #2 ALL weekend and I LOVED every second!

  3. I am glad you have had some decent weather. I am ready for it to warm up and stay warm.

  4. Hey hey! Thanks for stopping by! I'll def be back to read more!

  5. Didn't realize I had missed a couple of your posts.

    Stopped at this one to ask if you would drop by and clean up a long term mess for me...please.

    Hope all is going well with the move!


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