(Sheepishly) Today I am thankful for:

1. I did some price comparisons and was able to get the price of my U-Haul rental down by almost half!
2. The sellers of our new house are buying us a Home Warranty. Squee!
3. Everything from upstairs that is going in this phase of the move is packed.
4. My new azalea bushes are blooming again after a cold snap froze all of their blossoms.
5. The pit of despair pool is blue (if not clear), the sweeper is sweeping, my arms are totally sore toned after an afternoon of skimming oak tags and ornamental fruit tree blossoms from the pool.


  1. Awesome. Especially #1!!

  2. Good job! You sound like you are really ready. Score on the Home Warrenty...that is always a good thing. Enjoy the blooms on your azalea and your blossom free pool.

  3. Enjoy packing.... I had to do that not long ago and it is not on my favorite things to do list!! Yipee on the home warranty! that is awesome! Have a great day!

  4. You sound so on top of things!


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