Giving Up Day

Today was the day I gave up on ever getting back into those jeans I wore 'before.' I gave up on wearing those suits I have carted around since the early '90's. I gave up on last-minute dresses that never really fit quite right. I gave up on hand-me-down clothes that I only accepted because they were in my size. I gave up on satin dyed-to-match shoes with kitten heels. I gave up on perfectly good sandals that were just never comfortable. I gave up on decades worth of impulse buys that I later regretted. I gave up on purses that are still in good shape, but that I know I will never carry again. I gave up on a closet-full of permanently stained and stretched out tee shirts. I gave up on tacky cheap belts that come with pants. I gave up on gaudy accessories purchased before I came into the fullness of good taste. I gave up on drawers full of samples of make-up and products I have never and will never use. I gave up an army of hotel soaps and shampoos.

Today was Giving Up Day and it felt good.


  1. Giving up days sound awesome! I need to have one of those days!

  2. Hi there.
    I'm with ya.
    Just stopping by via MBC to say hello.
    Have a great day!

  3. As long as you itemize the things you're giving up, I see no problem with this. ;)

  4. Im with blueviolet... itemize, itemize, itemize!


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