You know a while ago when I was all, "Eeeek! There's a mouse in my house!"? I totally tore the pantry apart and sanitized every surface within an inch of its (and my lungs') life. Was super diligent about wiping down counters and sweeping up crumbs. Went out and bought mouse traps... but never set them. I am just too soft hearted.

I saw no further evidence of the mice after the first sally and, eventually, things relaxed back into their former (slovenly) state. Well, apparently, the reason that there was no mouse evidence is because the single mouse we had before had gone back to the old country to tell his family that he had found Xanadu and brought every aunt, uncle and thrice-removed-cousin back to Casa de Critical Mass.

Now I am seeing evidence of mice everywhere. In the pantry? Check! Under the couch? Check! In the guest room? Check! Inside my cabinets? Check! Running across the hearth? Check. Inside my CAR? Checkity check!

I am losing. my. mind. I overcame my softhearted ways in a flash. I set the previously purchased traps with sugary cereal and waited for them to do their thing. No luck. I threaten to go buy out Home Depots supply of mousetraps and set them all over the house (and my car!). T suggested I stuff the traps with cheese, and laughed at me for not having done so already.

Do mice like American cheese?


  1. We had a few mice when we lived in Paris...we lived right next to a huge pasture. We set traps with peanutt butter smeared on them. I was told not to put anything they could 'carry off' on it. They stand (I suppose) and lick the PB and SNAP. I cried the first time...but the thought of my children getting some nasty, deadly disease over shadowed the sadness.

  2. Amy's right. When I was working for the Stylish Women warehouse in NY, we had a horrid time with mice. The only bait that ever worked for those traps was peanut butter.

  3. OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO ok but aren't you moving soon??


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