Man Questions

Which is to say, questions about men, not the questions men ask!

So if you had the whole garage in which to lean something, where would you put it? If you answered in front of the dryer vent, you and T are on the same page!

If you have sterling silverware, where do you keep it? I inherited my in-laws' silver, and Dr. Dad-in-law is having kittens because it isn't in a safe deposit box. Sure it's safe there - you can't ever use it!

If you had an entire closet full of heavy, ahem, hunting supplies, how many boxes would you put it in? That's right! One! I'll see you after we get back from the emergency hernia repair!*

*T did not really give himself a hernia, though he did put about a million pounds of ammo in one box. So maybe I should say he hasn't given himself a hernia yet.


  1. Given those situations, I fear my hubby would make the same choices.


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