Play Dates

Why is it that play dates are often more fun for the moms than for the kids? Today, the kids and I went over to a friends house for pizza and play time. It had all the ingredients for a good time: food, unexplored toys, assorted outdoor ride-ons, gorgeous weather, an even split of boys and girls. (Wine spritzers for the other mom and me!)

But while the other moms and I were having a lovely chat, there was a parade of disgruntled pre-schoolers through the room. Z was bossy and a tattletale. One had a hard time sharing. One didn't want to wait for a turn. All felt the need to air their grievances. No one ate, except for the moms and Q, who ate like a linebacker.

Then, in quixotic pre-schooler fashion, all were devastated when it was time to go home. Z asked the whole way home if we could go to their house again after nap time. No? How about tomorrow? No? How about after tomorrow? (She's a persistent little thing!) You get the picture. So I guess she had a good time.

The irony is that I really enjoy the other moms, but never seem to find the time to connect with them. Now that two of us are moving, we are all bummed that we didn't get together more often. I guess I'll just have to cram in as many play dates/mommy dates as I can before the house sells!

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