TAG! I'm It!

I have been tagged by my friend Terry at The Four Scarbarys! Thanks Terry! I needed something to write about - and I am too brain dead from all the moving chaos to think of anything!

Here are the rules: 1. Link to the person who tagged you; 2. Share 7 things that people may not know about you; 3. Tag 7 people to share 7 things and link to them; 4. Let them know they have been tagged (I suck at that part!).

So, 7 things about me:
1. I have most excellent spatial perception. I can get more stuff into limited space than anyone else I know. This is not always a good thing. Like when you are moving. Damn that spatial perception!
2. I can't sleep in the car. This is a drag because we here at Casa Critical Mass spend a LOT of time in the car. On the up side, I am an excellent passenger and always keep the driver awake. Notice I said passenger. I don't particularly enjoy driving, so I am always happy to let someone else take the wheel.
3. I loved high school. Somehow I managed to completely miss out on all the angst and vicious peer pressure though I was not in the "popular" crowd. I was one caste down from popular, but able to move freely among cliques: smart kids (my main crowd); drama/speech/debate; cheerleader/dance team; choir/band. I had a great high school sweetheart who taught me a lot about how a boy should treat you. If I could go back, I would, but not because those were my glory days. Because it was just so much fun!
4. I was the worst sorority girl ever. I pledged my freshman year to Alpha Phi, which was a great group of girls. However, about halfway through my first semester, I (unexpectedly) ran into my best friend from North Dakota. We were inseparable and I did most of my hanging out with her. Also? I had a tendency to date guys who lived four hours away, so I was never around on weekends to do sorority stuff.
5. I am a water baby. I find it physically impossible to be anything but happy if I am in the water. In high school, I was life guard certified. In college and during the summers when I was teaching, I taught swim lessons. I taught literally hundreds of kids how to swim and yet can't teach my huz to float.
6. I make a mean mosaic. I have done a couple of table tops to rave reviews. Currently I am making some side tables with slate. Also, I am good at installing tile. Which isn't saying much as monkeys could install tile. I've done floors, showers, counter tops and a back splash. I even own my own tile saw. Gotta love a woman with power tools!
7. I do not like all the smell-good-lotions-and-potions from places like The Body Shop. I have a nose like a dog (which is to say sensitive, not cold and wet) and the strong smells make my head hurt. Also, I wear a fairly spendy perfume, Amarige, and don't want any other scents to clash with it. My mom wore Este Lauder's Youth Dew. It smelled so amazing on her that strangers would stop her on the street to tell her how good she smelled. I want to find a scent like that.

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If you were wondering how I selected these great gals from all the dozens and dozens of blogs I follow, they were the last seven to leave comments for me. Love! Check them out. They are awesome!


  1. Neat things about you. We seem to have #1 and #5 in common. I like pretty smelling lotions and such but I couldnt work in a Bath and Body shop because it's too many different scents at the same time.

    Hmmm 3 of those are readers on my blog....I better put a reminder up on my site tonight....

  2. O-k, this is getting a little suspicious...I can't sleep in the car, don't like to drive, was exactly the same as you in high school, was a bad sorority sister (made sure that I had classes the same night as our weekly meetings), dated and married my husband who lived 3 hours away for four years and love Amarige (which on my vanity right now). I'm totally sensitive to smells, as well. Hmmmmmmmm...... :)

    Thanks for the tag!

  3. You are the total ying to my yang! Thanks for Tag! May take me a bit to come up with 7 more things about me, I'm really not that deep or interesting. Will be a struggle but will try! Thanks again!

  4. I must say I hated high school as much as you loved it. I hate the water too. But I am sooooo with you on the strong smells! Ooky.


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