We just finished loading the truck. We got it at 8:30 this morning. My amazing friends kept my kids all day... and T piddled. Okay, that isn't exactly fair. We just had very different expectations of how the day was going to go. I figured we would be done loading by mid-afternoon at the latest. Little did I know that he planned to bring the entire garage - and hadn't packed any of it yet. Grrr.

But now it is done. Well, mostly. We still have his clothes to load up, but except for his uniforms everything is contained in some kind of way: suitcases, laundry bags, duffles, you name it.

Anyhoo, we will be heading out to New Town tomorrow (eight hours! Yay.). I will be out of communication for about a week. I am going to go into withdrawals!

Wish me luck!


  1. Sheesh. Men! Mine was the same way when we moved from Texas. Waited until the last friggin second to pack....

  2. Home stretch! Good luck!

  3. Good luck with the move and see ya in a week or so!


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