Unintentional Cliffhanger

Thank you to those of you who have commented and asked about the new house. Your well-wishes are heartwarming! After talking to Sister K yesterday, I realized that I had unintentionally left you hanging.

We bought a house!

I think we paid the perfect price. Close enough to the list price to make the sellers happy and close enough to the price we offered to make us happy. (Actually, we paid what I suggested we offer in the first place, but T loves the dickering. If we had just offered that price to start out with, he would have hounded me for the entire time we lived there about how we paid too much for the house.)

We had a little backing and forthing about some legal verbiage and a dog pen out back that the sellers wanted to take with them. We were happy to let them have it as our dogs would be in danger of getting eaten by chicken hawks if we were to leave them out in the yard for long periods of time! (True story! One of Chica's friends, who lived near in our new town, had a nasty little Chihuahua that they had chained out in the yard. One day a hawk swooped down and carried it off. At least to the end of its chain. It then dropped the dog and flew off. The dog was unharmed, but the experience opened his eyes to how great he had it, and he became a lovely pet.)

Now we are involved in the frantic rush to get our house on the market. So far, we have had the yard done (It is amazing what two industrious guys can get done in their spare time!), the cracked windows replaced, the gutters repaired, the eaves caulked and re-painted, the septic tank crushed, the kitchen masked, and the ceiling scraped. Wha- huh? Back the hell up. Septic tank crushed? Yep. The contractors rolled a 5,000 pound lift right over the top of our septic tank. Even after we told them where is was.

T is in a twist that they didn't get it fixed immediately after the accident this afternoon. But it was the end of the work day when it happened, so I am not surprised that the open sewer will remain in my back yard until tomorrow. At least the bathrooms are still working. And the tank isn't overflowing. That's a plus. I guess now we can add to the sales description of our house, "New septic!"


  1. Official congrats are in order. I like what you said about paying the perfect price. It's nice to have good karma all around when you are putting roots down in a new home.

    Hope your septic situation is cleared up in a jiffy. You have such a great attitude...love that you are so glass half full.

  2. crazy story about the chiuahah!

    Welcome to the wonderfull world of trying to sell your house in down market. It's been a grand old time for our family the past several months. 26 showings and no written offers. TONS of fun!!! Not! I hope yours sells quicker than ours has taken! My realtor says that the busy season is from March-August, so maybe this will be our month and yours!

  3. by the way, how did you get your "What I Write About" section to have all those cool different fonts? How did you set that up?

  4. Congratulations! I know it's a very busy and stressful time, though. I have rarely been more stressed than when buying a house. And I sure hope they get that septic fixed VERY soon! Eeewww!! LOL

    By the way, too funny about the Chihuahua! We have a naughty Chihuahua - maybe we should put him outside on a chain and see if the hawks are interested! Actually - I'm kidding! I am starting to follow Cesar Millian's advice. That man is amazing! ;)

  5. Congrats on the new house. I wish you a speedy sale in yours! Good luck with the ole septic tank...eeeww! Have a great day!

  6. Congratulations! Sounds like it went better than any of my home-buying experiences ever did. Oh and thank you for stimulating the economy ;)


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