Recipe for Disaster

  • 2 cranky children on the second and third days of cold symptoms
  • 1 miserable parent on the first day of cold symptoms; bonus for lack of sleep the previous night due to drainage


  • Strap down cranky children in car seats and insert into family vehicle.
  • Place parent behind wheel of car and drive directly to McD's for LARGE COFFEE
  • Stop for snacks and gas-station-sinus-meds to prevent parental head explosion
  • Add emergency side-of-road potty stop (not for who you would think it would be for)
  • Blend car with blinding rain storm for 5+ hours
  • Encounter suddenly brilliant skies at precisely the time of day that sun visors cannot block sun
  • Apply more sinus meds
  • Arrive home nine years days hours later, just in time to prepare dinner for cranky/snotty/no-nap-having children out of cardboard and toothpaste because the cupboard is bare
  • Enjoy!*

*The trip to visit my father and sisters was lovely. The kids and I had a great time and my dad's event raised a lot of money for a worthy charity. If only teleporters had been invented, the weekend would have been perfect.


  1. Hi Rae Ann; I am thinking your blog is very cute. Will join your followers! I have sent you an email about the cake comp! luv Simone :)

  2. Hope you feel better!

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks like a lot of fun. I'm from TX too!

  4. Feel better soon and can i just say you get the mom of the year award today!!!

  5. Oh my. *gigglin* Thanks for the laugh! Been needing one.


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