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We all had a trip to the beauty parlor this week.  I got a trim and highlight touch-up/repair.  Z got her summer cut, a short stacked bob.  What does it say about me as a parent that Z's haircut is SO much more fashion forward than mine?  Q got a trim so he doesn't look like a shaggy hippy (his father's words). 

I am so tickled with my color.  When I got the highlights last fall, they were not at all the subtle lightened-by-the-sun-looking streaks I was hoping for.  Instead, Red gave me super fashionable chunky streaks.  I am not a super fashionable kind of gal.  I like to pretend that I am still a natural blond, so I really didn't want obvious evidence to the contrary that I am not!  Luckily, my hair bleaches prettily, so even though they were not natural looking, at least the streaks were a nice color.  Eventually, I got used to my 'tiger stripes,' as T called them.  What I never got used to was the fact that the brightest of the stripes started about an inch from the root line in the front.  Nothing says natural like a full inch of dark roots around your face!  Pretty!  But those are a thing of the past.  My hair is now looking sun-kissed and natural.  And Red is SO cheap!  Yet another perk to life in a small(ish) town!

Z probably got six inches lopped of the back of her hair.  Adorable!  I didn't realize how hip her 'do was until I started looking around and noticed that about every third adult I noticed had some variation of Z's cut.  Bun said she wants Red to cut her hair to look just like Z's.  I'd say that was a successful cut!

Q had a mighty case of the fidgets, so we are lucky he came out with both of his ears intact, let alone a symmetrical cut.  He did a good job for a little guy in a new environment, surrounded by a bunch of chatty women.  A far cry from the barber shop! 

I made yet another trip to the salon the next day for a Rock Star pedicure.  Basically, nail gel + glitter + more nail gel + baked under a light = BIG sparkly toes.  LOVE!  I'll spare you photographic evidence.  It was a fun girly beauty week.  I am now obsessively searching for the stuff to do gel nails myself.  Just what I need.  Another project!

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  1. Adorable pix of Z with her cute 'do. Beautiful -- lookin' more and more like her Mamma!


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