Does Warner Brothers Know About This?

Batman. Q is obsessed with Batman. Where did he get this obsession? No idea. Maybe the action figure T found in the bowels of desk? Where ever it came from, it is true love.

When we were in the hospital, all he wanted to do was watch Batman cartoons. Luckily, Target had some DVDs with four episodes each on them. Daddy was a hero when he brought them up to Q's room. We watched those eight episodes five times each. At least!

Since his return to health and home, Q has an ever increasing list of Batman items he would like for me to procure for him. The list includes (but is not exclusive to) the following:
  • Batman lipstick
  • Batman helmet
  • Batman car
  • Batman soap
  • Batman motorcycle
  • Batman cereal
  • Batman sword
  • Batman suit
  • Batman shoes
But my favorite by far was announced this afternoon after school. The driver of the car parked next to us was holding an adorable mixed breed puppy. She was kind enough to let us pet it, and offered to let us take one of the nine (!) puppies home with us. I said thanks, but no thanks and hustled the kids into the car.

Once in the car, Z asked when we could have a little puppy like that one. I told her not for a long time because four was more than enough dogs for one family. While she was digesting that, Q piped up with, "Mama, I want a Batman puppy!"


  1. The Batman lipstick cracked me up!!

  2. Yours is Batman...my son is so Spiderman loving that he honestly believes it to be a real job that he will have when he grows up


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