There's a Whole Lotta Sumpin' Going On

There are six dogs in my house. That's right. I said SIX. As in six tails, 12 ears, 24 paws and 90 billion hair follicles. Yikes!

We started out with our usual complement of four. On Wednesday, we were joined by Bun's dog, Lucy, while she is attending a wedding out of state. After Q's trip to the emergency room yesterday, the ranch-bound grandparents decided they would come here, instead. And bring Scout.

Wow. That is a lot of dogs.

Good thing I have the Dyson Animal, huh? All the dogs get along remarkably well. Lucy is a total spaz, but so very sweet. She has scaled the ranks of the pack and has ended up being the top dog of the Critical Mass large dog pack. Luckily, she is smart enough not to take on Griffin's eight-pound-bad-a$$-alpha self, but has been humping every surface on poor Holly that she can reach.

Scout is old and crippled up, so he doesn't get into too much trouble. Just enough to keep Lucy in her place. As a matter of fact, I think he might have a little crush on Miss Lucy. He follows her around and barks if she won't play with him. It's like Peyton Place, but for dogs. Would that be Pawton Place?


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  1. lol I only have a small teacup yorkie. I really wish I had a bigger dog OR more dogs! I love animals. :)



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