D Day

When we got back from vacation, I uploaded these pictures to my computer:

I. had. no. idea.  I barely recognized myself!  In the first picture, especially, I thought I was looking good.  I was planning on using a picture from that day as our Christmas card, for heaven's sake!  Every single picture from our vacation was a contender for the 'before' picture in a weight loss ad.

So.  Where high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and elevated blood sugar weren't enough to get my (big) rear end off the couch and on a diet, maybe two weeks of vacation photos where Jabba the Hut could have been my stunt double will be.

It has begun.  Again.  For real this time.  No, really!

To be continued...


  1. hey rae ann,
    haven't stopped over in a bit and thought i'd say "hi!" soooooooooo i've been there done that! in february i had my earth shattered when i just couldn't stand looking at "myself" in the mirror and not recognizing that it was "me!" somehow i got "lost." i have been on a healthy makeover since trying to live a healthy life, eating and yes exercising but i love to dance so i hit up zumba which i love.. and realizing it's a marathon not a sprint and it's for life not for the short quick fix... that way i will keep it off for good! pop by!

  2. Hey, Rae Ann. Have you thought about the HCG diet? A friend of mine has lost nearly 60 pounds since May. You have to give yourself shots every morning. The food is pretty restrictive. But it works. Fast and permanently if you continue good eating/exercising patterns.

    Whatever you do, know that you are loved. I wish you wellness, joyfulness, security!



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