A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pre-School

In keeping with my new better 'life style,' I decided that I would take Q to school on my shiny new bicycle.  I got it for Mother's Day and it was just what I wanted: retro styling, big cushy mom-seat, no gears.  I love it!  It is so PINK!  Squee!  (The no gears thing isn't as crazy as it first sounds.  A.) I am a spaz and would never use the gears; and B.) we don't have hills in Wester.)

We have been riding bikes - or, in my case, pulling a wee chariot -  all summer on pleasant evenings when there was no danger of getting struck by lightning.  Which is to say, not very often because west Texas seems to have evening thunder storms more often than not.  All of this is to say that I felt quite confident that taking Q the mile up the road to his school should be no sweat.  (Pun entirely intended!)

With lunches packed and cameras in hand, we packed up the bike trailer like we were setting out on a cross-country expedition.  Q could barely peek out from beneath the purses and nap pads and first-day-of-school flotsam.  It was with bright hearts and big smiles that we took off down the driveway toward Q's education destination.

About a quarter of the way:  (breathing hard) Wow!  It has really been a while since I went for a bike ride! 

About way way:  Huff!  Puff!  Man, I am seriously out of shape.  My legs are on FIRE!  Pant!

About three-quarters of the way:  Gasp!  Sob! The pain!  Make it stop!

As I turn in to the parking lot: (Catching a glimpse of the rear tire as I check on Q)  Is that...?  No. Way.  My @!#$% tires are flat?  ALL FOUR OF THEM?!!?

And then it started to rain.

The end.

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  1. OMGosh...I am sorry BUT LOL...oh but what a cute bike you have there!!!


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