The inevitable has happened.  I knew it was coming, but it still took me by surprise.  I have become a soccer mom.  I do not, for the record, drive a mini-van, so there's that.

I signed Z up for soccer this fall.  Our first practice was on Tuesday.  So far?  I am not really impressed with Z's coach.  She didn't attend the coaches meeting, so we were the last ones to hear from our coach.  She put off reserving a field until she just had to take what was left: a field so far away that it is practically in the next state.  Oh, and she didn't show up for our first practice.  Awesome.

Z and I drove out to BFE and found the soccer field and waited for everyone to show up.  And waited.  And waited.  Did I miss a memo?

Luckily, I was the mom prepared for everything.  We had brought Z's shiny new (pink!) soccer ball with us, so we had a practice just the two of us.

My girl has mad skills.  Seriously?  I knew she was a pretty good kicker, but I had no idea she would be a good dribbler and passer.  I played soccer in high school, so I ran her through some drills.  She mastered all of them in no time at all.  By the end of our 45-minute 'practice' she was good enough at ball-handling to steal the ball away from me!  You go, Z!

And since nothing says 'proud mama' like shaky low-res cell phone video with crappy audio?  Enjoy!

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  1. So when will you be crowned the new soccer coach? Z looks good. Gotta love those BFE fields of hay here in Texas. Looks o-so-familiar.


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