Progress Report

  • Diet is going well, but I sabotaged myself with a trip to Sam's today.  Hard to resist yummy snacks purchased for the kiddos.  Luckily, I bought lots of gorgeous produce, too.
  • Exercise?  Not so much.  Was thwarted by the lovely pink bicycle.  But cleaning house burns calories, too, no?
  • Weight lost since the horrible 'before' pictures:  12 pounds.  
  • Yahoo!


  1. I always get lost in the bakery. Not for the sweets, but the breads. Damn carbs!

  2. hi rae ann,
    Wow 12lbs!!! Congrats I know how much each one of those pounds is a success! Just picture each pound is like a 4pack of butter! :) I know it is silly but to me it keeps me moving forward, and "life" will surely step in every now and then but just stick with it... as i tell myself i didn't gain all of that weight in a day so i'm not going to loose it in a day, although wish there was a magic wand! LOL Have a great day and keep it up!
    ps if you want you can join my facebook wellness page (if you have a fb)i post lots of food things, exercise stuff, and just daily stuff www.facebook.com/healthyshelley


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