Well, not really.  Z has had two soccer games and lost both of them about a million to three.  At the first game, I'm not entirely sure our team, The Ladybugs, understood that the objective of the game was to get the ball into the goal... By the end of the third quarter, a light seemed to have come on for a couple of the girls. Does it make me a bad parent that I am glad Z was one of the players who sucked the least?

In our defense, none of our team has played soccer before.  Both teams we were against played together last year, too.  And were hard core.  We are in the five-year-old league and those teams have gone out and found sponsors to buy fancy uniforms.  Wow.  And I thought I was being all alpha-mom by making bows for the whole team and ordering funky soccer socks.  (Red with black polka dots!  Squee!)

And now?  Pictures!  Of my little soccer star!


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  1. Awww she's so cute! She looks like you!!


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