It's Like Spring Cleaning, Only Grosser

Here's a nasty little equation for your perusal:

(1 winter) x (1+ acres) x (4 dogs) = a LOT of sh!t

Ugh.  I spent my afternoon on the world's most disgusting Easter egg hunt.  I collected an entire wheel barrow-full of dog turds(!).  Literally.  Big turds.  Little turds.  SO. MANY. TURDS.

The weather has turned nice and the kids want to play in the yard, so it had to be done.  Besides, if we didn't get it taken care of before next weekend when T's parents arrive, they wouldn't be able to rest until every pile was disposed of.

So I spent two hours on a glorious west Texas winter morning on a deuce hunt.  I had a couple of turd-spotting helpers - not that they were much help.  Mostly I had to keep telling them not to step in the poop. 

Before the in-laws owned the property on the other side of the horse pasture, we just kind of flung the poop over the fence.  (No horses are ever kept in that pasture.)  But since the owner of the pasture was nice enough to let us put gates on either side so we can cross it, it just didn't seem like the neighborly thing to do anymore.

So now we have a super fancy fecal matter disposal unit in the far rear corner of our lot.  Which is to say, the working parts of an outhouse (aka: a sh!t pit).  We dropped in the droppings and covered them up with piles of  ashes from the fire place.  Hopefully, the ashes will keep the stink down and help everything break down and go away.

I love living in the country.  Classy?  I haz it.

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