Perhaps this is why I am tired this weekend?

6:46 - Alarm goes off
7:05 - Roust Z from sound sleep
7:15 - Crabby Q emerges
7:35 - Take Z to school
8:15 - Make breakfast for the boys (unheard of!)
9:00 - Take Q to school
9:15 - Race home to load my car with mountains of carefully prepped baby items for the Just Between Friends consignment sale.
9:30 - Drive like a bat out of hell to get to Less Wester (the next town over)
10:00 - Volunteer as a clothing inspector at the JBF sale (So I can shop early!)
2:00 - Wolf a quick lunch with Bun at Sonic
2:30 - Race back to Wester to nab Q and pick up Z's ballet stuff
3:00 - Pick Z up from school
3:30 - Stop for quick snack before ballet
4:00 - Drop Z off at ballet
4:10 - Take Q to park to burn off extra energy and catch my breath
4:45 - Pick Z up from ballet
4:50 - Dinner on the run at Wendy's; make Z do half of homework before diving into kid's meal
5:15 - More race car driving back to Less Wester
5:45 - Take wrong turn on way to cousin's house. Again.
6:00 - Drop kids off
6:15 - Wander randomly through down town Less Wester.  Call Bun for directions.
6:30 - Finally arrive at pre-sale and shop, shop, shop!
8:45 - Back to my cousin's house (without getting lost, this time)
9:05 - Pick up kiddos and drive back to Wester, no speeding
9:35 - Get kids pajama-ed, tooth brushed, and into bed
10:00 - Play with new clothes from the sale, as had consumed too many caffeinated beverages to go to sleep (removing tags and pins)
11:00 - Fall into bed when T gets home from work.

I am glad every day isn't this busy!

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