Resolution 2009

I guess it wouldn't be the New Year without resolutions. I've got all the usual suspects lined up: lose weight, exercise more, be a better wife and mother. I've made some or all of these resolutions for as far back as I can remember. And yet, here I am weighing in at almost as much as I did when Q was born(!). As a matter of fact, the only resolution I have ever kept was one I made 13 years ago to take vitamins.

So what is different this year? I have enlisted help. My friend Dana over at Cherry Soup is sponsoring The New Me Challenge 2009. I have signed up and I think that the support of bloggy friends will help keep me on track. Health management through shame? I like it! I am planning on checking in on Mondays with a diet/exercise/weight loss report. I hope to lose the 60 pounds that inspired me to start this blog, but I would be quite pleased with even half of that (that would put me back at my wedding weight. Not slim, but much healthier).

I am not proud. I will take whatever help I can get. Weight Watchers for sure. I am not opposed to supplements. I have a few in mind, but I'll take suggestions if anyone has any. I saw an infomercial (I know!) for something called a Full Bar that made sense to me. Or maybe I'll just eat less and exercise more. That would certainly be revolutionary!

I'll start on Monday. Because, you know, all diets start on Monday. At my house, anyway.

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  1. A couple of friends and I have the same kinds deal going on too. A closed blog where we "get real" it ain't pretty but neither are my thighs and rear. Good luck. I'm in the same stupid boat! If you need more support you're more than welcome to join us too.


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