Hey! I have made it to a brand new month of thankfulness! And it only took me two and a half months to get here! I rock.

Today I am thankful for:

1. Finding another mom with kids aged differently enough to make library time a challenge. I'm not thankful that she was having a hard time, but rather that we kind of instituted an unspoken zone defence and watched the other's kids while we shuffled from room to room.
2. While he still needs breathing treatments, Q isn't sounding quite as death rattle-y/pneumonia stricken as he did a few days ago.
3. The mouse only chewed one bag and his, um, leavings? were only on one shelf. Ick! But it could have been so much worse!
4. Z cleaned up her toys and got ready for bath time without too much fuss or silliness.
5. Though he grumbled and had to be coerced to do it, T did Z's bedtime routine. I look forward to a time when he has a regular schedule and can be more a part of the kids' lives. (We find out tomorrow. Hopefully.)

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  1. I will be hoping the news is good for y'all!!

    Wonderful list, the zone defence is awesome..


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