My Brain is Tired

My bud Jamie asked me to make a PR button for her blog. She jokingly said it should be sparkly like Z's invitations. Well, I am so literal minded, I had to figure out how to make it sparkle! She is totally getting her $7.50 worth. I learned a whole new skill just for her! I figured out how to do glitter animations. It took me all afternoon and evening and lots of tedious trial and error. When I finally got it to work correctly, I was all excited to upload it and see how it worked at The Button Box.

Nothing. Boo.

Man, blogger doesn't make it easy on you. They convert all files to .jpg and those won't animate! But after digging around in the collective brain of the internet, I discovered Tiny Pic, a free graphic host that supports animation (Flickr doesn't). Awesome!

I would post it, but it hasn't been approved yet, so the file hasn't been reduced and is MASSIVE.
So now I must sleep. My brain is tired.


  1. Sorry I hurt your brain! I commonly have that effect on people, not one of my better qualities!

  2. I am thanking *you* for giving me an excuse to learn something new!

  3. If it helps, you can do "glitter" in photoshop. I used it to fill in a frame of swirls around the edge on my brother's family Christmas card this year and even after having them printed (with a shiny UV coating) they really did "sparkle".

    (Used brush for swirls, cuz you know you can find thousands of free brushes out there!)

  4. Oh wow how awesome that you learned something new!! That is great!!

    i will be placing my order very soon.


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