New House! (Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

We have just returned from the western frontier and I am happy to report that our mission was successful. We found a house and made an offer. We are still in negotiations over the price, but are feeling optimistic.
It is what I call a friendly house: friends come to the back door, acquaintances come to the front; in this house they look the same so everyone is a friend! LOVE the porches. The back porch is completely screened and (relatively) bug free!

The kitchen was updated with a minimum of hideous wallpaper, though I will be attacking the border the minute I sign the papers. Long term plans include new counters and eliminating the island. (Kitchen islands sound like a good idea, but in my opinion, they just get in the way - especially with two little kids and three dogs running around your ankles!)

The fireplace is gorgeous. The walls aren't nearly as minty as they appear in this photo, but will be painted a warm tan color none the less. The built-ins are similar to our current house and are the perfect place to hide neatly store kid clutter.


  1. Congratulations on finding a home! And a ranch with a screened in porch?!? That sounds SOOOO nice!

  2. love the builtins! congrats on finding a home!!! I hope you settle on the price soon!

  3. Yay! Your new home looks beautiful! I love the porch. Glad you were able to find such a great place.


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