Repetitive Stress Injury

"Bite me" is a Rae Ann-ism that has been around since T and I started dating. He usually responds with some silly eyebrow waggling, a muppet-like 'rawr' and "Maybe later." Over time these little interactions change. Lately, I tell him that he can bite the fattest part of my ass (when there are no kids around, of course).

Today, while packing up stuff from his hunting closet (yes, a whole closet of hunting gear. Our house is the place to be for Armageddon.), he made some smart ass comment. When I turned around to give him the hairy eyeball, he beat me to the punch with, "Yeah, yeah. The fattest part of your ass."

Perhaps it is time for a new phrase.


  1. I like it! I say you continue to use it!

  2. LOL...love it! Oh we have a hunting garage...i am not kidding the entire garage is hunting gear

  3. That's funny!

    Just wanted to says thanks for stopping by my blog recently!

    Sharing the comment love :)

  4. hahahaha!!! and i am so coming to y'all's new house!!

  5. Today is a very big day in the Where’s Wenda? Contest. I am visiting all of the SITS followers. Can I do it? There are around 1000 followers. Oh my! Better grab my cup of coffee and get on my way. Be sure to visit Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha and Three Bay B Chicks as part of your contest entry.


  6. Sometimes it's good to know what to expect :) It beats down the chaos.

    A hunting closet? I don't even have a closet that is big enough for a toddler's set of clothes. Man! Good luck with the packing.


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