Sucked In

Do you hear that whooshing sound? That is the sound of me getting sucked into Facebook. My friend Mrs. B. sent me an invitation to join and be her friend. I figured that I would join just so I could be her friend and that would be the end of it. I'd never look at it again.

But no. I was immediately drawn in with such force that I think my computer gave me a hickey. Within minutes I had found a bunch of friends from Ginormousville, some relatives, and my high school sweetheart. I have gotten friend requests from people I can't even remember. But I know I must have known them because we had classes together.

I sat down for a quick check at the beginning of nap time. The next thing I know, I hear children stirring on the monitors. I had spent the whole two hours filling in profiles and looking for friends - instead of doing something useful like bathing or cleaning my house. I had no idea that Facebook was such a time suck!

I have talked more with BFF KG more in the last 24 hours than in the whole preceding month. Now, not only do I feel compelled to check my blog reader every time I walk by the computer, I have to check Facebook, too. Is there a 12-step program for this? For surely I am addicted. It's like internet heroin. One taste and you are hooked.

My name is Rae Ann and I am a Facebookaholic.


  1. I have recently become a FB addict as well :( Maybe we should start a 12 step program ourselves...

  2. LOL...I recently discovered FB I am still not sure about it mainly b/c I keep getting poked and prodded,and water balloons thrown at me I was even kidnapped...go figure lol

  3. We're addicted too...just one more thing to waste my time :)

  4. My friends laugh at me because I only have 14 friends on FB. I tell them with my ADD it's all I can keep track of. :) It's really suck control. I know if I get into into it, I'm a goner. It's all I can do to peel myself off the computer as it is.

  5. I have to say it is definitely addicting!!!


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