American Basin

American Basin is a gorgeous flower-filled basin on the Alpine Loop that we visit every year. T proposed there. We have had our picture taken on that rock every year.

This was taken my first year in Colorado, 2001. Look at us! We were puppies! Puppies, I say!

Here is our proposal rock. This may even be proposal day... I had not perfected my digital photo filing system back then...

OMG! Dying from the cuteness that is Z on her first American Basin visit!

Q was not digging getting back to nature that day. Actually he was mad that we wouldn't let him stay and play driver in Daddy's Bronco.

Engagement rock again. We are such dorks.
Family portrait. I was trying to get a good one for the Christmas card, but I never got a shot where someone didn't look like they'd been hit with a brick.

There is my little nature girl! Again! With the cuteness!


  1. Cuteness indeed. That's a whole basin of cuteness!

  2. Too cute! Love that you bring your kids to the engagement rock! What great memories!

  3. what wonderful pics! I especially love the last 2...awesomeness

  4. Those are beautiful pictures! I love the one where you say you are dorks - y'all look so dang happy and like you having the most fun ever!


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