We are one dog shy of being weird dog people. The pack travels with us everywhere. We lubs them.

Scout, the gentle giant: (all these pictures are of Z. Z was too mobile when Q was a baby for him to nap on the floor)

Izzy, the snuggle puppy:

Griffin, the guardian:

Blackie, the clumbsy: (In this pic she has frankenstitches on her knee from where she impaled herself on something sharp while chasing something down the mountain. The collar/chest strap thing is so she can't lick. Dorky, but a step up from the cone of shame.)
See? Griffin and I are bonded at the molecular level. We are like transformers who can morph into new and exotic creatures. Behold! GriffRa, the dog-headed woman!

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  1. Ha! GriffRa the dog-headed woman! That cracked me up. Nice blog you have and I love the pictures of the kids! I found you through Under 100 Followers on MBC.

    If you get a chance, come see me! Thanks!


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