Happy Blogaversary to Me!

A little over a year ago, I was searching the internet for what to do about my dog's blackened lady parts.* I stumbled on an entry unlike any I had seen before. It was a blog. (That I found when searching for 'dog vulva') By the time I finished reading about his trauma, tears of laughter were rolling down my face. "What a neat thing this blog is!" I thought to myself.

Shortly thereafter, my sister introduced me to the genius that is Jen Lancaster. I inhaled Such a Pretty Fat in a single sitting and was desperate for more. Wait. What's this? She has a blog? I read her entire blog archive in a matter of days. Loved it. And was inspired by it.

One year ago today, I started my bloggy journey. I thought it was going to be a weight loss tool, but it has turned out to be a lot more. And less - I haven't lost an ounce. In fact, I may have added a pound (or ten) since I declared myself at Critical Mass last year. But along with those pounds, I have gained a creative outlet, a place to vent (so much cheaper than therapy!), a new business, and friends I never would have 'met' otherwise. I am in such a better place than I was this time last year. (Mentally, not physically - Small Town was great!) Laughing more. Crying less.

Ironically, I have come full circle.

Q and I were at Home Depot today getting paint for Z's room. I am going to do the walls in a pale, pale pink. The lady in line behind me asked, "Oh, is that for your baby's room?" As Q is anything but girly, she clearly thought I was pregnant. And was comfortable enough in her assumption to actually inquire about it. Yikes. Personally, I try not to ask about a stranger's pregnancy unless I can actually see the baby coming out...

So here I am again, having reached critical mass. For real this time. I know the weight isn't going to get any easier to lose. I need to do it now. For my kids and for myself. Wish me luck.

*Turns out she was just really dirty.


  1. Happy Blogiversary. I am so glad to have met you! Keep up the awesome work

  2. Happy Happy Blogoversary. Who knew that black lady dog junk could change the world for the better?!

  3. Happy Blogoversary!

    What a crazy comment for someone to say, but I'm glad you found some inspiration from it to make a healthy change!

  4. Happy Blogoversary! Im glad you found your way into the blog world. And even gladder (is that a word??) that your dogs lady parts were only dirty.

  5. Happy Blogoversary! Those of us who struggle with weight know how difficult it is to do it all! Last summer, I promised myself I wouldn't be as heavy this summer pushing a baby carriage in 85 degree weather. Well, I lost and gained the same 30 pounds about three times this year! I'm down about 10 pounds and now it's been 90 degrees! :p

  6. Happy Blogaversary! I hear you about the weight! I've gained about 20 pounds since starting my blog, not even a year ago! Guess I should walk more and write/read less!

  7. My dogs lady parts need cleaned all the time eww.
    Happy Blogaversay to you and a very merry happy Unbirthday as well LOL


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