Outdoorswoman? No.

Want to know what doesn't get more fun with repetition? Peeing outside. When I had been dating T for less than four months, his mom had to teach me what to do when we Jeeped to the land that plumbing forgot. What's not fun about dropping trou with your future MiL? That isn't embarrassing or anything. At all. Good times!

On one particularly memorable Jeep trip, I looked up from my damp shoes and precarious position on a fallen tree to see almost a dozen geriatric full moons as the ladies did their thing on the mountainside. Those old gals are WAY tougher than I am!

I just never get any better at it. I always manage to whiz on my shoe or worse, my pants, or I end up with bark or moss in my panties (comfy!), depending on whether I used a tree or a rock to assist with the festivities. Even more fun? My DiL is always somewhere in the vicinity, on the other side of my tree/bush/rock, which gives my bladder performance anxiety.

Z, on the other hand, would almost rather do her business outside than in! When we lived in Small Town, she was forever getting in trouble for ducking behind a tree. These unassisted forays always resulted in the need for a change of clothes. And possibly shoes. Like mother, like daughter!


  1. I suck at peeing outdoors too. I've done it my entire life LOL - but still...shoes, leg, not drip drying enough. GAH! I love me some plumbing, out house any resemblance of a toilet!

  2. I hated peeing outside! Oh the horrible memories!! I now stick to inside plumbing!!

  3. My aim's a little off, too. Kinda bites.


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