Pretty Colors

This gorgeous photo was taken on the way up to Sawmill Park. Don't let the pretty colors fool you... I was the sickest I ever was during both pregnancies on this trip that took forever. Before we left I asked if it was a long trip. My mom-in-law said, "No, it is only three miles or so." Okay, it took us FOUR hours to make those three miles. I was barfing up stuff I had eaten the week before! I was mad at my family for days after that and still refuse to make that drive again.


  1. Reminds me of a photo I took and posted on my blog in an article entitled Not an Ansel Adams at http://bycoco.blogspot.com/2009/04/not-ansel-adams.html.
    We also live in a remote area where pot-holed dirt roads are the only way in and out of many of our favorite spots.

  2. So, R, I just have to ask, was it *intentional* that the "Pretty Colors" could either be the lovely fall foliage OR your rainbow of vomit? ;-)

    Seriously, I'm loving all your Colorado photos. I've always heard about your visits but these are my first photos. Love the annual family rock photos too!


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